1/5/13 – Andy & Amy | Raleigh, NC Wedding

Our first wedding of 2013 had us celebrating with Amy & Andy at 1705 Prime in Raleigh. I really enjoyed getting to know these two at our pre-wedding planning meetings so I knew we were in for a great night!

The staff @ 1705 prepared not only the dining area but a cocktail area with snacks that was ready once the guests arrived. Once the ballroom opened, the bride and groom had me play “Be Our Guest” from the Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast”.

 We journey to “a galaxy far far away” for a Star Wars themed introduction sequence followed by their first dance to the classic “What A Wonderful World”.

We then enjoyed an intimate dinner with the family. They had a cheesecake spin on the traditional wedding cake and we enjoyed some light-hearted words from the best man and family. 

Between the bride’s teenaged son and daughter leading the dance floor charge and a hilarious photo booth, the the vibe was extremely fun and light-hearted. It seems like everyone got involved in the celebration at some point.



Here’s a taste of what went down in the photo booth! (PS – we have partnered with 2&3 Photography to offer a photo booth addition to our DJ packages! Click here to get it at your next event!

Amy & Andy’s Photo Booth! from 2&3 Photography on Vimeo.

We want to thank Andy and Amy for letting us be a part of your wonderful wedding! Thanks to 1705 Prime for the delicious meal and great atmosphere. And of course, to our friends at 2&3 Photography for letting us post your amazing pictures! 

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